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Home ORGANIC DRIED FRUITSDried ORGANIC pitted prunes-500g

Dried ORGANIC pitted prunes-500g

Price: 8.49лв.


no preservatives

no sweeteners

no artifical colours

no added SO2

no added sugar


ingredients: dried pitted prunes, organic

allergens: no allergens

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Dried ORGANIC pitted prunes-500g
Dried ORGANIC pitted prunes-500g




Prunes are a good source of vitamin A, dietary fiber, potassium and copper. Dried prunes are free of fat, saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol


Maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function


Protect against atherosclerosis


Men , who eat diets high in potassium, as well as foods high in magnesium and cereal fiber, ha ve a substantially reduced risk of stroke


Potassium may counteract the increased urinary calcium loss caused by the high-salt diets, thus helping to prevent bones from thinning out at a fast rate.


Prunes` soluble fiber helps normalize blood sugar levels 


Soluble fiber also increases insulin sensitivity and can therefore play a helpful role in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes


And, prunes` soluble fiber promotes a sense of satisfied fullness after a meal by slowing the rate at which food leaves the stomach, so prunes can also help prevent overeating and weight gain


Prunes are well known for their ability to prevent constipation ,decreasing the risk of colon cancer and hemorrhoids 


Prunes` insoluble fiber helps lower blood cholesterol levels


Eating high fiber foods, such as prunes, helps prevent heart diseaseand cardiovascular disease;

Increase absorption of iron;

The dried prunes are naturally sweet .Therefore they can bedelicious substitute and a healthier way to satisfy the need of sweet