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About Us



    100% NATURAL and BIO


Ingredients: Dried fruits and vegetables


  • JUST evaporate the water
  • NO preservatives
  • NO artificial colors
  • NO sweeteners
  • NO added salt/sugar
  • NO additives and anti-caking agents
  • NO GMO
  • NO added SO2
  • Made only from fresh raw material
  • Vegan
  • Contain natural fruit sugars

Our company for producing of dried fruits and vegetables Serena Ltd is already for a couple of years in this branch. Our products are with high quality, offering you a real alternative to sugar.

Our products are produced from 100% natural fruits and vegetables and sweetened entirely by the nature. 

Our factory is located in the area of town Kyustendil known as a green city. It is also one of the oldest spa towns in Bulgaria. Situated in the south-west of the country and is known also as the "Orchard of Bulgaria".

 Our factory has 3 tunnel drying. The drying process is indirect – the products are dried by hot air which is heated by wood burning ovens.



We are certified:                     и           



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We are dedicated to offering the best customer service, excellent prices and fast deliveries.
Therefore our customers enjoy the benefits of our hard work.