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Home NATURAL DRIED VEGETABLES Dried 100% NATURAL chilli peppers-500g

Dried 100% NATURAL chilli peppers-500g

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Hot peppers contain carbohydrates, proteins, essential oil, alkaloids, large amounts of vitamin C, provitamin A, organic acids, mineral salts and more.

 In medicine, hot peppers are applied mainly externally in the form of patches and ointments for rheumatism, discopathy, sciatica.

 Taken in small quantities, dried hot peppers have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate appetite and tone the body.

The use of dried hot peppers in the kitchens of many nations is rich and varied. In traditional Bulgarian cuisine, hot peppers are widely used as a spice addition to a large variety of dishes- soups, salads, bean and cabbage dishes, and dishes containing dairy products or meat, etc.



We use well-ripened hot red peppers of the `Shipka` variety. The peppers are cleaned, washed and after that-closely examined on our inspection belts to remove any injured, poor-quality, or decayed peppers. After inspection, the peppers are dried until they become with red to dark red color. We use drying method, which removes only the water from the product, leaving the intact peppers` flavor and nutritional and aromatic qualities. We do not use any chemical treatments, additives or preservatives during the drying process. Our company produces completely NATURAL, dried hot peppers.