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Apricot kernels, raw, 200g

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The apricot kernels are high in essential fatty acids, which are essential for health. The body cannot form them, so they must be obtained from the diet.

Storage: in a dry and ventilated place, preferably in a closed envelope / box. Keep protected from moisture !!!



Apricots kernels are commonly used in marzipan recipes, jams and some types of biscuits. You can easily sprinkle your fresh salad with apricot kernels or consume them completely on their own. In fact, apricot kernels are a great substitute for almonds.



Apricots kernels do not contain significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, although their oil is rich in vitamin E. They are rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins B15 and B17, A and E, vitamin F, niacin, dietary fiber , phytosterols and others. There are a number of claims that apricots nuts are a very valuable tool in the fight against cancer because of the vitamin B17 they contain. It is believed that it is enough to eat two or three bitter apricot kernels to minimize the possibility of contracting this insidious disease. The abundance of everyday life supplies you with vitamins and strengthens your health.