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Home NUTS AND FLOUR FROM THEM Hazelnuts, with peel, raw, 400 g

Hazelnuts, with peel, raw, 400 g

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Hazelnuts have great nutritional and biological value due to their high content of unsaturated fats, proteins, starch and other carbohydrates. They have been used since ancient times as food and medicine.



   Hazelnuts can be consumed in many different forms and added to both sweet and savory dishes, eaten raw, baked, in pasta, tahini, in the form of hazelnut oil or as an ingredient in healthy meals. Nuts are also added to some types of chocolate. The aroma of hazelnuts is usually used in coffee or pastries, as a topping or garnish in desserts and pastries.



Hazelnuts are a record among nuts in terms of vitamins, minerals and valuable amino acids. Despite the large amount of fat, most are useful mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential for the human body and useful even for weight loss. The use of hazelnuts stimulates mental activity, prevents overload, improves memory.