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Homemade rosehip wine Serena

Homemade rosehip wine Serena



 500 g dried rose hips  SERENA 
 4 liters of water
 1 kg of sugar
 1 teaspoon citric acid
Method of preparation:

The rose hips are crushed and placed in a damajana or other suitable container.
Syrup is boiled from water and sugar. After boiling for 5 minutes, add the citric acid.
Allow the syrup to cool and when it is lukewarm, pour it over the rose hips.
The vessel must be able to breathe.
The rosehip wine is kept at room temperature for ten days and stirred every day.
It is very important to maintain a stable temperature during the fermentation period.
After 10-14 days the rosehip wine is filtered and poured into bottles. Keep in a cool room or refrigerator, as it is not very durable.


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