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Necessary products:

800 g puff pastry (one package)

500 g of sugar

200 g of flour

1 baking powder

3 eggs

50 g of dried Serena black cherries

50 g of dried Serena golden cherries

150 g ground walnuts

1 vanilla pinch of cinnamon

300 g of water, ready-made chocolate glaze

Method of preparation:

Cut the dough according to the dimensions of the pan. Put the first sheet, spread it to the sides of the pan and pierce it with a fork, previously greasing the pan with a little oil. Eggs and sugar - 200 g. are beaten into a fluffy mixture. Baking powder and vanilla are added to the flour and the egg mixture is gradually poured in. A cake batter should be obtained. Add the dried fruits, cinnamon and walnuts. This mixture is poured into the main swamp. It is covered with the second one and stretched again along the sides of the tray and pierced with a fork.Spread lightly with oil and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. Let the finished baklava cool down well. It is cut carefully and poured with hot syrup. Syrup is prepared in a standard way, water and sugar are mixed - 300 g. and boiled for about 5 minutes.

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