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Christmas with a breath of dried fruit and love.....

Christmas with a breath of dried fruit and love.....

   If you make Christmas decorations only from natural materials, you will bring a lot of natural beauty into your home. It sounds very different from glass balls for the Christmas tree and paper garlands with brocade, but it is also much more natural, ecological and brings a lot of coziness


The decoration of natural materials is beautiful and very attractive. It combines well with elements that you can make yourself and allows for many original solutions.Details inspired by nature also find a place on the Christmas table. Surround the scented candles with fresh green sprigs and place a large bowl of dried fruit and nuts........the aroma is captivating.

 Wrapping Christmas presents is one of the most fun things to do at the end of the year ! Get creative and integrate different natural elements into gift decorating by adding pine boughs, small pine cones, and why not dried fruit?

 Children are an active part of what is happening in the preparation                              for  Christmas and have fun together with the parent. They learn when they do something with their hands, when they invent and create. Real fun for the little ones is to make their own cheese. Real cheeses are made only from natural materials. The dogwood branch is decorated with everything that the household had at its disposal - natural materials - yarn, wool and food. Since the fruits are traditionally preserved by drying for the winter, in this form they are very suitable for decorating cheeses.Use prunes, dried apples, dried rose hips. You can string them or tie individual fruits at the different ends. Dried (hot) peppers will add color to the cottage cheese. Red is a symbol of happiness and health. Popped corn is strung on a garland with a needle through which red thread passes. Not only can pumpkin and sunflower seeds be made into beautiful, long strings, they also make a nice, jingling sound every time the cheese maker is stirred.


     The sweetest and most enjoyable part of preparing for the Christmas holidays is choosing the gifts. Sometimes this is not such an easy task. However, there is one category of gifts that everyone enjoys. Young and old, family and friends, they all love delicious homemade treats. Homemade cookies are a priceless gift, not only because they are so delicious, but because in preparing, decorating and serving them, we invest personal attention, work and effort, which turn them into an even more special gift.







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