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The better rakia (Bulgarian strong brandy)

The better rakia (Bulgarian strong brandy)

The better rakia.........

Improve taste and color naturally




       Rakia is considered one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Bulgaria. Historical records indicate that brandy production began in the 14th century. It reached Bulgaria from the Arab world through the lands of the Ottoman Empire. In past years, the alcoholic drink was produced from wild berries and grape skins. The history of rakia is part of national traditions and family memory, not least because brandy-making has been considered a domestic craft since its inception.

       The technology for making  rakia has not changed for centuries, and today's craftsmen continue to follow what our ancestors did when producing the drink. It is prepared by distillation of fermented fruits. For home production of rakia, people use all kinds of fruits, sometimes even mixing them. There is a lot of information about coloring and additional flavoring of rakia. We offer you one of the methods - the one with dried fruits.

      In our case, it is quite natural to talk about Kyustendil cherry rakia and the enrichment of its color and aroma.

     The recipe is as follows:

100 g of dried Serena cherries are added to 10 liters of cherry rakia and left for 15 days. After that, the fruits are strained and used for a sweet, and you enjoy a cherry rakia with a unique color and taste.

      Of course, with this technology you can enhance any rakia by using the appropriate dried fruit – prunes for plum brakia, dried apricots for apricot rakia, dried quinces for quince rakia, dried pears for pear rakia or dried grapes for grape rakia.


P.S. The photo in the article is authentic and show the end result of the fortified cherry rakia!



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