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Cream with dried figs

Cream with dried figs


Necessary products:

200 g of dried Serena figs

raw nuts for sprinkling

2 tbsp. sugar (if you like it sweeter)

500 ml. milk


Method of preparation:

Put the milk on the stove to heat. Don't hold it too much so it doesn't get too hot.

You have to be able to keep your finger in it - kind of like fermenting milk. During this time, clean the figs from the stems and cut them into halves.

    Then put the milk and figs in a blender and blend until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Beating takes about 1-2 minutes. You will notice that the mixture starts to thicken as soon as you beat it. Pour the custard into dessert glasses and leave at room temperature for about an hour. During this time, it should harden more. Sprinkle with nuts.

     Then you can eat it or put it in the fridge.

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