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Greenhouse Serena

Greenhouse Serena

Cherries, big, sweet, juicy and unforgettable!



     SERENA EOOD is a Bulgarian company located in the valley of the city of Kyustendil, specialized in the production and marketing of early cherries in the month of March - April.

    The area in which the city is located is distinguished by its beauty and diverse nature and fertile land at the foot of the Osogovo mountain, at 527 meters above sea level. It is rich in water resources and has unique mineral springs. The Struma River flows nearby.

     Kyustendil is one of the most ancient Bulgarian cities. The city has an eight-thousand-year history of settlement life and more than 1,900 years of urban tradition. The climate in the city is transitional-continental, mild with a Mediterranean influence. The average annual air temperature is 10.7°С.

      Kyustendil is the center of an agricultural region with centuries-old traditions in the field of fruit growing, which is why the city and its surroundings are known as "The orchard of Bulgaria".

     The region has traditions in fruit growing and trade in fresh and dried fruit, and it is no coincidence that two unique holidays take place right here - "Cherry Festival" and "Fertility Festival".

     Our cherries are planted on fertile land and with the help of the right climate and lack of industry, our products are even healthier, with better taste and appearance.

      The greenhouses in which we grow the early cherries are on an area 16 acres.This difficult and long development process began in 2011 year. After years of experiments and technological development, we managed to reap the first fruits of our labor. Greenhouses during the cold winter months are heated by pellets. For pollination we use bumblebees.

     Harvesting is done daily at the optimal point of ripening, they are shipped the same day and the customer receives a natural product with all its freshness and taste.

     It's a complicated process, but every second is worth it when you see the end result - irresistibly delicious cherries, and that's one month before the import from other countries starts.

     Fresh cherries Serena  are intensely flavored , dark red, crisp, very firm and can vary in size from 24 to 34 mm.

     The climatic conditions created in our high-tech greenhouses ensure that the cherry trees produce fruit with intense flavor; shiny, deep red skin and a crisp, juicy bite.

     Our registered trademark SERENA is the result of our production philosophy based on integrated production, GLOBAL GAP and the use of organic farming techniques (natural predators, organic fertilizers, ...).


We are dedicated to offering the best customer service, excellent prices and fast deliveries.
Therefore our customers enjoy the benefits of our hard work!




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