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Pudding cake with prunes

Pudding cake with prunes

Plums are a rich source of: Vitamin A, dietary fiber, potassium and honey. Dried plums are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Necessary products:

1 liter of fresh milk

50 - 100 ml of rum
4 pieces, larger eggs

200 g sugar

200 - 250 g of prunes  SERENA 

3 vanilla powders

200 g of flour

50 g of starch

Method of preparation:
Soak prunes in rum for 24 hours, stirring occasionally.
Beat the eggs, sugar and vanilla until fluffy cream and add the sifted flour and starch, beating constantly.
Then again, stirring constantly, add the milk in a trickle until the mixture is homogenous.
Drain the plums and roll them in 1 tbsp. flour.
Pour the liquid mixture into a high-walled pan that you have greased beforehand. Pour the plums on top and bake the pudding cake in a preheated oven at about 170 degrees on the lower level of the grill for about 80-90 minutes.



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