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Home NATURAL DRIED FRUITS 100% NATURAL blackberries-50g-Dried

100% NATURAL blackberries-50g-Dried

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Packaged snacks, trail mixes, chocolate or yogurt panning, energy bars, muffins, breads, ready-to-eat cereals, muesli, salads, sauces , etc.



Blackberry is a very useful and healthy fruit. Has a positive effect on the body. Blackberries contain many vitamins. They contain vitamins A, C, K. They are useful for lowering the temperature. They contain salicylic, citric and tartaric acid which helps with flu conditions. Blackberries contain a lot of sodium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, magnesium and potassium. These trace elements have a good effect on the nervous system.

Blackberries have a good effect on memory, circulation, and sleep.

The fruit contains a lot of fiber, and these are important for the body because they help the health of the body and the normal functioning of the intestine.

Blackberries are rich in tannin, which helps shrink tissue, stop bleeding.

Blackberries contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of lung cancer and skin cancer.

Blackberries contain lutein. It is associated with eye protection. It also helps to avoid damage from solar radiation.

Blackberry contains a lot of manganese, which helps the connective tissue and bones become stronger.

Blackberries contain a lot of vitamin B9 (folic acid), which affects the growth and division of cells. Because of this, blackberries are extremely beneficial for pregnant women as they reduce the impact of damaging the baby.

Blackberries have a very good effect against wrinkles, skin irritation, aging and more.

Their beneficial properties are also associated with the fact that they have a very good effect on the immune system because of its antioxidant action. They stop the bacteria that carry different colds.

They work very well for normal blood pressure and a healthy heart because they contain Vitamin K.

Blackberries are also beneficial for healthy and beautiful skin and healthy hair because they contain a lot of vitamin C.

Blackberries are also a cure for kidneys.