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Dried banana-100g

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   Hazelnuts can be consumed in many different forms and added to both sweet and savory dishes, eaten raw, baked, in pasta, tahini, in the form of hazelnut oil or as an ingredient in healthy meals. Nuts are also added to some types of chocolate. The aroma of hazelnuts is usually used in coffee or pastries, as a topping or garnish in desserts and pastries.

Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, preferably in a closed envelope / box. Keep protected from moisture !!!




Energy value                                  1205kJ/288 kcal    

Fat                                                                   0.12 g

of which saturated fat                                   0.05 g

Carbohydrates                                             67.43 g

- of which sugars                                        44.27 g

Proteins                                                         3.56 g

Dietary fiber                                                   1.57g

Salt                                                                 0.47 g



Bananas contain vitamin A, which has a good effect on the eyes and improves vision. Bananas are extremely useful and contain a lot of fiber. They are also suitable for constipation. They contain a protein called tryptophan, which reduces stress. An interesting fact is that they can quit smoking and smokers, thanks to the tryptophan contained in them. They are suitable for weight loss.

Bananas are rich in iron and are suitable for people suffering from anemia.

They are very suitable for maintaining normal blood pressure.

They have a very good effect on brain cells.

They also contain vitamin B, which has a good effect on the nervous system.

Bananas are one of the fruits that do not irritate the stomach and are suitable for people with ulcers.

Bananas are fruits that saturate very quickly. They are suitable for people who spend a lot of energy and active sports, because then a lot of vitamin C and B6 are lost, and bananas contain them.

Extremely rich in potassium and magnesium, which is suitable for muscle cramps.