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Fruit powder from plums, BIO, 150 g

Price: 9.49лв.

Adhesion of powders is a natural process and does not affect the quality of the product !
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To obtain a quality product, fresh prunes with large, fleshy, dark-colored Stanley fruits are used, without mechanical damage, stains and doubles, cleaned of stalks and leaves. The fruits are dried and ground to obtain a product with the following qualities:

The outer color is from golden yellow to dark brown.
The taste is sweet to sweet and sour, a pronounced smell of prunes, without side taste and odor.

Ingredients: Only fresh plums, NO anti-caking agent.

Humidity: ≤5%.



In various baby purees, waffles, chocolates, yogurts, in energy desserts, in cakes, breads, ready-to-eat breakfast foods, salads, sauces, purees, shakes and more.

Example application:

Take two or three tablespoons of powder and add warm water (if you wish you can use more or less powder). The density can be made from juice to puree depending on your needs. If you want the mixture to be more homogeneous, use a blender. Eat hot or cold.

A great option is to use yogurt or fresh milk instead of water to make a light cream or shake.


 Plums are a rich source of Vitamin A, dietary fiber, potassium and honey. Dried plums are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Many studies have been done and it has been proven that plums or the natural components contained in them can help to:

Maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function.

Against multiple sclerosis.

In men who eat foods high in potassium, as well as foods rich in magnesium and fiber, significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

Potassium can counteract the increase in urinary calcium loss caused by foods high in salt and therefore, from here, also prevents faster thinning of bones.

Soluble fiber in plums normalizes blood sugar levels.

Soluble fiber in plums also increases insulin sensitivity and therefore may play a helping role in the prevention and treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

Soluble fiber in plums helps to get a feeling of satiety after eating, reducing the amount of food that remains in the stomach. Thus, plums can help prevent overeating and weight gain.

Plums are well known for their ability to prevent constipation, reduce the risk of colon cancer (colon) and hemorrhoids.

Insoluble fiber in plums helps reduce cholesterol levels.

Eating foods high in fiber, such as plums, helps against heart disease and cardiovascular disease.

Increase iron absorption.

Dried plums are naturally sweet. Therefore, they can be a tasty substitute and a healthy way to satisfy the need for jam.