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Home NATURAL DRIED FRUITS Dried 100% NATURAL gold sweet pitted cherries-500g

Dried 100% NATURAL gold sweet pitted cherries-500g

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Well-ripened, large and very sweet Rainer cherries are used. Peeled and stalked cherries are dried to obtain a dried fruit with a golden-brown color.

 The drying process we use preserves the natural taste of cherries and we get quality dried fruits.



Dried golden cherries can be consumed as packaged snacks, in mixes with various fruits, in chocolates, yogurts, in energy desserts, in cakes, breads, ready-to-eat breakfast foods, muesli, salads, sauces and more.



  Golden cherries, like dried fruits, are naturally sweet. Therefore, they can be a tasty substitute and a healthy way to satisfy the need for jam.

  They are rich in a number of valuable vitamins and minerals for our body, which is why these dried fruits have great potential.

  They are rich in vitamin C, B2, B3, B4, B5, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium. Eating white cherries has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Vitamin PP in combination with ascorbic acid helps to reduce the permeability of capillaries, while helping to establish metabolic processes in the walls of blood vessels.

They are also rich in antioxidants that calm and eliminate stress. They also remove uric acid from the body and prevent it from crystallizing with subsequent deposition on the joints. That is why white cherries are useful in the treatment of gout and can alleviate the condition.