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Home NUTS AND FLOUR FROM THEM Basmati rice, whole grain, 400 g

Basmati rice, whole grain, 400 g

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Basmati is a type of rice that tastes like popcorn or nuts. It is called the "King of rice" because it contains large amounts of useful substances and is characterized by a wonderful taste and aroma.



It is delicate and fluffy and is best cooked by the absorption method (11/2 cups water to 1 cup rice). Washing and soaking contribute to a firmer appearance and separation of the beans, and also to reduce cooking time, so check the package carefully. A good trick for super-fluffy basmati is to cover the bowl with the finished rice with a regular towel or dish towel, then a lid and leave the rice for 10 minutes. The towel absorbs the steam and eliminates sticking.



If you suffer from diabetes, a common recommendation is to eliminate carbohydrate foods, including rice. Basmati is a preferred variety because it has a low to medium glycemic index (GI), which is the lowest of all rice types. It is GI that is important for people with diabetes. The good amount of fiber in rice plays a major role in controlling blood sugar spikes. Fiber is the reason why the energy that rice provides to the body is used up more slowly. To the benefits of fiber we must add the fact that it reduces the risk of colon cancer, which has been proven by a number of studies. Whole grain basmati rice also helps control the hormone estrogen. Basmati rice can help you lose weight because the fiber breaks down more slowly and controls appetite, increasing feelings of satiety. It has a large amount of amylose, a type of carbohydrate that is more difficult for the body to digest. Thanks to this rice, you can get rid of a problem like constipation, which many people suffer from. Fiber helps with bowel movements.