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Home FLOUR Rice flour, whole grain, 400 g

Rice flour, whole grain, 400 g

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Ground on a stone mill, thanks to which all vitamins, enzymes, minerals and fibers are preserved in the grain, making the flour completely natural and healthy. No artificial additives. Fluffy, finely ground texture. High in carbohydrates, low in fat.



It is used to prepare gluten-free products: breads, pastries, cakes, biscuits. Very suitable for thickening sauces….



Whole grain rice flour contains all the constituent parts of the grain - endosperm, germ and shell, in the proportions assigned to them by nature, and all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients contained in them. Nothing is removed or added.

Rice flour is a popular substitute for wheat flour because it does not contain gluten. In addition, it is rich in nutrients (zinc and B vitamins), protein and contains no fat at all. It is a rich source of minerals, including zinc, which is involved in maintaining the normal functioning of the body.

The daily intake of 100 g of the product provides 1.7 g of fiber. Fiber plays an important role in normal bowel function by preventing constipation. Contains a prebiotic that helps strengthen the immune system.

A high fiber content is needed to stimulate digestion. In fact, fiber products can help improve gut health, prevent constipation, bloating, and cramping. It is recommended to take the flour with fruits and vegetables. The high fiber content contributes to appetite control, reducing hunger, so the feeling of satiety will last for a long time.

It cures diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease. Its treatment is based on maintaining the balance of sugar and insulin in the body. Fiber in rice flour has been shown to help treat diabetes, which is related to its ability to balance the normal level of insulin and glucose in the body.