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Home NATURAL DRIED FRUITS Fruit bites Prunes and Apples, 100% Natural, 100 g

Fruit bites Prunes and Apples, 100% Natural, 100 g

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Fruit bites contain many nutrients, and more precisely - more than 15 types of minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. They have properties that take care of strengthening bones throughout the body. This could reduce the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis. They support digestion. Because they are rich in fiber and minerals, they provide bowel movement and reduce the symptoms of constipation. In addition to fiber, the antioxidants in them make them an ideal snack to relieve cramps such as reducing premenstrual syndrome.

Fruit bites are extremely healthy because they do not add any preservatives, colors or sweeteners, but use the natural sweetness of the fruit. They are medicinal "candy" rich in pectin and vitamin C and animals for better red transit. They energize and tone the body. When you feel like eating something sweet, eat a few fruit bites and the sweetness receptors will be satisfied, and extra calories and energy from the fruit will be brought into the body.