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Home NUTS AND FLOUR FROM THEM Peanuts, row,unpeeled, 400 g

Peanuts, row,unpeeled, 400 g

Price: 5.99лв.


Raw nuts,without preservatives and additives at a good price!

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Raw peanuts contain many nutrients that are good for our health.



They are great for baking at home the old-fashioned way. For hiking or added to muesli, as an additive in salads or pastries!



Raw peanuts are useful in cardiovascular disease. Peanuts contain many antioxidants that help with many types of cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases. The fiber content in peanuts keeps the digestive system and intestines healthy. Frequent consumption of raw peanuts helps prevent gallstones, weight gain and Alzheimer's. Raw peanuts are good for pregnant women because they are high in folic acid. Due to its low glycemic index, peanuts are a suitable food for athletes and people aiming to lose or maintain body weight, as well as for people with high levels of insulin in the blood.