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Home NATURAL DRIED FRUITS Dried goji berries, 100% Natural, 100 g

Dried goji berries, 100% Natural, 100 g

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Goji berries, also called wolfberries, are one of the most popular superfoods.



Goji berry has a pleasant taste and is suitable for direct consumption or added to various foods and beverages. It goes well with muesli, oatmeal, yogurt, added to salads, cakes, creams and biscuits, brewed as a tea and more.



Goji berries are high in protein, more than any other fruit. They contain 25% protein and 34% fiber per 100 g. They are extremely nutritious, have a particularly high content of iron, potassium, no cholesterol, vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin E. They also contain many trace elements and all 20 amino acids. The rich amount of fiber, in turn, facilitates the cleansing of the intestines, which reduces bloating, cleanses from toxins and stimulates the full absorption of food.