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Dried 100% NATURAL Mango-100g

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The tropical mango fruit is one of the most consumed exotic fruits in the world. Mango (Mangifera) is difficult to reach us in fresh form, so its dried version has a high nutrient density and we can enjoy. The mango fruits are picked well ripened, then cut into circles. Dried mango contains vitamin A, vitamin C, is rich in iron and calcium.



As a packaged snack, in mixes with different fruits, fruit salad, desserts and as an addition to many dishes. In India, Indians pay special homage to mangoes. During the holidays, they decorate the doors of their houses with mango leaves, because they believe that it brings good luck and happiness.



In addition to tasty, juicy and sweet fruit, mango is full of many useful substances that have a beneficial effect on our health. Extremely useful fruit because:

Mango lowers cholesterol. The fruit is rich in pectin, vitamin C and contains a lot of fiber.

Mango cleanses the skin - for firm and beautiful skin, mango is a great fruit.

It has a very beneficial effect on vision because it contains vitamin A.

 Mango is effective in fighting cancer. It slows the growth of cancer cells. Mango is a strong and powerful alkalizer. To be healthy, it is important for the body to have an alkaline environment, not acidic.

Mango is very important and strongly stimulates the immune system. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. It contains iron, which helps with anemia and menopause. Mango also protects us from diabetes. It has a beneficial effect on blood sugar by lowering the level of insulin in the blood. Mango improves the activity of the kidneys. It has a very good effect on blood vessels and the heart. It also has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. It has a very good effect on digestion.